Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Part 4 of the daily serial, THREE BLIND MICE, written in the Noir style.

If you missed the earlier episodes, just scroll down to the previous posts. 

The bank hold-up's gone badly wrong. Leroy's been killed. A cop's been shot and a bank-guard fatally wounded. Vin's dying on the sidewalk. Wes, too, has been hit but escaped ... for the moment. 
Meanwhile, the Mastermind's back at the hideout, waiting. 


Right now I’m playing Solitaire
and waiting for the boys to show.
When they come by we’ll split the dough,
then I’ll be gone, as free as air.
I plan the jobs. They do the rest.
I’m not a muscle-guy, you see.
They call me Prof: capital P,
I look the part: soberly dressed.
I’m studious: you’d never think
I got a fortune stashed away.
What dumb-ass said that crime don’t pay?
Champagne’s my drink. My dames wear mink.



I watch them step into the bank.
I know him, Vin, the Human Tank:
he’s packing heat to left and right
and Leroy too, mean as snake-bite:
two felons with harmful intent.
Here’s my report of the event.

They pull a hold-up, demand dough
I shout: Surrender! Vin shouts: No!
He fires the first shot: bullets fly.
Leroy’s the first hoodlum to die.
Vin gets me in the leg, I fall
but keep on shooting as I crawl.
Vin’s hit. He shoots a bank guard dead
then limps outside. His suit turns red.
I make it to the sidewalk, aim
and hit the driver, what’s-his-name.
The Car takes off without the loot,
three black-and-whites in hot pursuit.

To be concluded tomorrow ...

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