Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Part 2 of the daily serial, THREE BLIND MICE, written in the Noir style.

If you missed the opening episode, just scroll down to yesterday's post.

Wes has been recruited as a getaway driver and his fiance, Betty Mae, fears for his safety. 


The Olds’ pulls in. I slide inside.
The Driver nods but he don’t speak.
I recommend we go get Vin.
He cracks a grin: away we glide.
Wes drives relaxed, a cool technique:
I like a guy with discipline.

We pull in back of Artie’s bar:
Vin piles in like a thunderbolt.
Mad eyes and face that’s furnace-hot:
his energy heats up the car.
A Smith and Wesson and a Colt
are the equipment that he’s brought.

There’s me, Leroy, with Vin and Wes
cruising on Fifty-Fifth and Main.
The Olds’ is solid as a tank:
respectable. Who’d ever guess,
as we swing back and forth again,
we’re here to rob the Union Bank.

I fetch the car. The boys arrive,
jump in, shout: Okay Wes, let’s go!
They’re bad guys, that’s for sure, although
I ain’t a bad guy. I just drive.

They’re wired up, fired up, talkin’ jive,
discussing bank jobs, easy dough,
but Whoa man! I don’t wanna know.
This ain’t my caper. I just drive.

They go in fast, say: Wes, take five.
I grip the wheel and sink down low,
eyes on the street, ready to go.
When they come running, I’ll just drive.

I’m cool until the cop strolls by.
Then, in the bank, things go awry.

 To be continued tomorrow ...

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