Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Watercolour by Tony Taylor


My collection of Guernsey poems, The Man Who Landed, and its companion piece, The Boy Who Fell Upwards, by UK-based writer, Peter Kenny, form the joint publication A Guernsey Double which serves as a two-for-one package of poems relating to the island. 

It's available from a variety of sources, including Amazon, or can be purchased from me direct via this site. 

A special money-saving deal for both collections, in one volume, at £5.00 including postage, is available from this site.

"Not since the extraordinarily poetic Book of Ebenezer Le Page has a single volume made the soul of the island so unremittingly its focus. The results are powerfully moving: a work that deals with both losing a home and finding one. Two sides of the same coin. For Guernsey people, or visitors, this book is a rich addition to their experience of the island."  
Professor Edward Chaney, Faculty of Media, Arts and Society, Southampton Solent University.

Strange Journey is my second collection of verse and offers a diverse selection of poems written over the past twenty years and can be purchased direct from this site. Price is £5.00 including postage.

One reviewer wrote: Strange Journey is the long-awaited full-length collection from Richard Fleming, following from The Man Who Landed in A Guernsey Double. Strange Journey sees the poet deftly collecting fragments of a life which began in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and saw him settle in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. 

Filled with emotional depth charges, Strange Journey weaves passages of piercing beauty with struggles with depression, the elation of love, and nostalgia for lost childhood and the figures who loomed large in it. 

'I set off as a boy and ended up/some kind of prehistoric chap,/ who finds himself, bewildered, miles/from where he started out, astonished /to have come this far/without a map.'

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