Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Monday, 29 September 2014


I appreciate that there are those who love dogs and those who don't. The latter group should look away now.
Over the last forty years, with one short break, I've owned dogs, and my childhood was populated by those belonging to neighbours and friends. Back then it wasn't unusual for a friendly canine to wander through your open door looking for scraps or companionship. 
Dogs accompanied us on picnics, adventures or to the local shops and most family snapshots included a dog alongside the stiffly-posed human figures.

Our little Border terrier, Holly, is a sixteen-year-old full of character and quirks. She's a constant source of joy to us and a gentle and loving companion. 
One of the walks we take together is on a lane close to Bordeaux bay where this poem is set.


On the lane we walk together
in some small semblance of order:
not regimented, hardly that.
She’s spontaneous, this small Border,
stubborn, freethinking, like a cat
fleet-footed, floats like a feather. 

Between us, a retracting lead
adapts to our differing pace:
she walks to heel then stops to sniff.
The lead holds us in its embrace,
one moment close and then as if
estranged again. So we proceed.

How similar to love, this cord
in its extending to and fro.
Though distant, we are not apart
like tides, our passions come and go
One heart linked to another’s heart
in perfect harmony: a chord.

I wrote this as a rhyming poem (abcbca) to emphasise the harmony that can exist between a human and a faithful dog.  I was also interested in the interplay between the words cord, chord and accord.   


  1. I enjoyed this Richard, Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Glad you liked it, John. As a number of my friends are cat lovers, I suspect I will have to post a 'cat poem' next to avoid endless verbal abuse.

  3. And so it is, this constant companion. Love my dogs!

  4. Love mine too. I may bring her along to your pet photography sessions at Le Friquet later this month (