Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Friday, 7 July 2017


After we lost our Border terrier, Rufus, to diabetes, his companion Holly, became much more attached to us and, as time passed, the bond grew stronger by the day.
I wrote this rhyming poem with various permutations of the words A Chord in mind.
For example, a chord is notes sounded together, the basis of harmony. Alternatively, a cord was the physical link between us when we went for a walk and, given Holly's total dependence on me, the cord might well have had umbilical connotations. 
Finally there is the word accord which means compatible and sympathetic.
And after that lengthy preamble, here is a picture of the late, much-loved little Holly herself.


On the lane we walk together
in some small semblance of order:
not regimented, hardly that.
She’s spontaneous, this small Border,
stubborn, freethinking, like a cat
fleet-footed, floats like a feather.

Between us, a retracting lead
adapts to our differing pace:
she walks to heel then stops to sniff.
The lead holds us in its embrace,
one moment close and then as if
estranged again. So we proceed.

How similar to love, this cord
in its extending to and fro.
Though distant, we are not apart
like tides, our humours come and go
One heart linked to another heart
in perfect harmony: a chord.

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