Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Monday, 8 December 2014


Laura Sheridan is something of an inspiration to me.

When she’s not working on her current novel, she’s polishing off a short story, poem or haiku, sketching or taking part in discussions at one of the writers’ groups she regularly attends. Then, of course, there’s her role in heading-up a reading group at her local library and editing the amazing Pennine Ink magazine.

Laura, who publishes her novels under the name G L Sheridan, also includes some radio comedy sketches and numerous magazine articles in her impressive C.V.  Just reading it leaves me exhausted and envious.

You’ll find her work on Kindle and, below, I’ll mention just a few titles to get you started: the rest, and there’re currently five novels, several prize-winning short stories and a collection of poems out there, you'll have to find for yourself.

Laura’s attractive website will point you in the right direction. There you'll find a samples of her writing and, as a bonus for cat lovers, photos of feline beauties, Trina, Phil and Elsie.

Here's one of Laura's poems. 


The arched window looks out
onto a pillared courtyard, yearning
for the drift of monks
and she is here
among dark heads bowed over notebooks
where silent dust motes
dance in Roman sunlight
as she walks between rows
and dreams
of England’s lukewarm rain. 

(Copyright G L Sheridan 2011) 

Novels on Kindle by G L Sheridan

GERMINATION (Young Adult Fiction)
MARTIAN ODDITIES (Young Adult Fiction)

Pennine Ink Writers’ Workshop

Burnley & District Writers’ Circle

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