Bordeaux Bay

Bordeaux Bay
Bordeaux Bay by Guernsey-based artist Tony Taylor

Friday, 7 May 2021


The poem Invisible appears in this month’s edition of Snakeskin, a literary webzine founded in 1995 and still going strong: an impressive feat in an environment where lit-mags struggle to survive beyond issues two or three. As always, I’m proud to have my work featured there. You can read the other excellent poems in the May edition by clicking on the Snakeskin link in My Blog List below right.


In the den, he hunkers down, holds his breath,

makes himself invisible.

Oblivious, the parkies stand six feet away 

and speak in angry tones:

a broken pane, some daffodils beheaded.

He hears them toss his name 

back and forth between them

and holds his breath to make himself invisible.

It is summer. He is eight years old. 

He lies beneath white sheets and tries to breathe.

He is very small: not eight years old but eighty. 

The room is full of snow. 

Light spills through a high window like radiance unfolding.

He hears voices rise and fall and makes himself invisible. 

The voices drift.  

He hears them toss his name 

back and forth between them

and tries to breathe.

What matter now, the broken pane, those headless daffodils?

Will summer come again?

He makes himself invisible.

It is easy now

with no more breath to hold.

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